V2 Cigs – Kits from $59.95 (TOP RATED)  

V2 Cigs – Kits from $59.95 (TOP RATED)

V2 Cigs was the first, and is still the leading eCigarette brand who stands behind their products and pride themselves on great customer service. V2 Cigs tops the charts across all of the major e-cig review sites and it has been named as the best e cig brand since 2011. They offer a wide range of flavors, a high quality product, superb customer service, and so much more.

Only $59.95
South Beach Smoke – from $59.99  

South Beach Smoke – from $59.99

South Beach Smoke is another popular e cigarette brand that offers various starter kits to fit every lifestyle, variety of vaporizers, great customer support, QUALITY products. Their state of the art devices are powered by supermax rechargeable batteries, with E-Lliquids made in the USA. Check them out and see what you could be missing!

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VaporFi – Kits from $29.99 (High Performance)  

VaporFi – Kits from $29.99 (High Performance)

VaporFi sets itself apart from the rest with their INCREDIBLE FEATURES AND DESIGNS. VaporFi is the most technologically advanced e cig, with premium quality 100% USA made e-liquids offered in a variety of flavors. With VaporFi you get to customize your very own flavor with up to 30,000 DIFFERENT COMBINATIONS!

Only $29.99

A basic electronic cigarette contains a battery or other power supply that powers a small heating element, called an atomizer, which vaporizes a small amount of liquid contained in a tank or cartridge. The liquid used in the devices usually contains a certain percentage of nicotine, which is measured in milligrams per milliliter, although you can purchase nicotine-free liquids, too. The nicotine is delivered to the lungs upon inhalation.

Exhaling produces a small cloud of vapor that looks like smoke, but that is actually made up of small droplets of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, water and flavorings. All of these substances are safe enough to be used as food additives, although the safety of long-term inhalation of them has yet to be determined. Tobacco smoke, on the other hand, is known to contain hundreds of chemicals, including several carcinogens.

There are a number of options when it comes to choosing a personal vaporizer, so it is best to do some research before settling on one. The battery life, liquid capacity, and lifespan of devices vary by model. Many vendors sell starter kits that contain batteries, atomizers, cartridges, or atomizer-cartridge combinations known as customizers, along with a charger for the batteries. The electronic cigarette available in convenience stores and gas stations may have proprietary components that are difficult to replace, so choosing a model with a standard thread style is best.

In addition to your e-cigarette, you will also need to purchase liquid, which is available in a variety of flavors, from tobacco to fruit to baked goods. Choose the strength that best matches the nicotine strength of the cigarettes you currently smoke. You can always choose liquids with lower nicotine contents when you are ready to wean yourself from nicotine. It is important to remember that these liquids are not currently subject to regulation, and they may vary in purity or strength. For this reason, it is best to purchase from experienced, trusted vendors that you identify through careful research.

Once you have secured your personal vaporizer and e-liquid, you are ready to start "vaping" and quit smoking! You can seamlessly switch from cigarettes to the e-cigarette, or you may choose to gradually replace your smoking with vaporizing.

Keep in mind that laws regarding e-cigarettes vary; some states or localities may allow electronic cigarette in establishments where smoking is banned,
for instance, while others prohibit them. Do not assume that business owners or your workplace will be tolerant of indoor use, although some are.

The electronic cigarette industry is taking off as more and more smokers decide to reduce their exposure to the harmful chemicals and tar found in tobacco smoke. If you want to kick your smelly, deadly habit to the curb once and for all, use these tips to help you make the switch. I hope these electronic cigarettes reviews can be useful for you, Good luck.