8 Features To Look For When Buying An E Cigarette

The best e cigs out there offer a comprehensive and realistic smoking experience. They provide people with the flavor, nicotine and even the sights and sounds of an actual smoke. Following are 8 features to look for when buying an E cigarette that will ensure your satisfaction.

1. A Good Draw
One of the most appreciated features of any good e cigarette design is a good draw and a sufficient lung hit. This is important for people who will be stepping away from their normal forms of nicotine consumption. Even visual and auditory features such as a tip that lights up, and a whistling or pulling sound when the user takes a drag, can help to create the sensation of enjoying an actual cigarette.

2. Flavor
The flavor options that are available are a vital consideration to make when choosing an electronic cigarette design. Flavor will ultimately determine how enjoyable your e-cigarette experiences are. Choosing a start-up kit with a broad variety of cartridge flavors and nicotine strengths will help you to find an option that suits your preferences.

3. The Life Of Your Cartridges
You want to choose a product design that boasts cartridges with long lives. This will prevent the need to frequenty change cartridges or to carry several around with you each time you go out.

4. Ease of Use
Always look for a 2-piece e-cigarette construction that is easy to assemble and easy to charge.

5. USB Passthrough
Get a design that includes a USB passthrough which will always ensure that you have sufficient power to enjoy a smoke until your regular battery can be recharged.

6. Multiple Ways To Charge Your Unit
You certainly do not want to be relegated to only using a wall charger to re-up your battery. Look for kits that not only include USB passthroughs but car and wall chargers as well. Wherever you go, you want to be sure to have sufficient juice in your battery for enjoying a good, long smoke.

7. Long-Lasting Batteries
Although having multiple charging options is good, you want to make sure that your battery is strong enough to stand up to a decent amount of daily use. Look for designs that have batteries that will last for at least 300 puffs.

8. A Comprehensive Start-Up
Try spending up a bit to secure a quality and comprehensive start-up kit. This will allow you to experience the different flavors, nicotine strengths and battery charging options to the fullest.

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