Advantages and Disadvantages of E Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes are used by more and more people these days due to several factors. E-Cigarettes are designed for a more convenient smoking and smokers won't have to buy cigarettes often. All they have to possess is the electronic cigarette and the cartridges that will serve as somewhat like bullets for this particular device. However, most people do not know about the true advantages and disadvantages of electronic cigarettes. Fortunately, here is an electonic cigarette review site which will provide you with the important advantages and disadvantages of using electronic cigarettes.


1. Electronic Cigarettes are known to be cleaner than the traditional kind of cigarette.
2. Using Electronic Cigarettes eliminates the possibility of causing fires.
3. The vaporized nicotine solution of an electronic cigarette is less harmful than the traditional tobacco.
4. It has more flavors to choose from such as vanilla, cherry, lemon, mint, cola and chocolate.
5. Its major advantage is the convenience of using it because all you need to do is recharge it and it is completely reusable.
6. It takes up less room compared to a pack of cigarettes if you want to bring it with you.
7. Electronic cigarettes smell better thus, people around you will not complain even if you are smoking with e-cig beside them compared to the traditional cigarette.
9. With electronic cigarette, people can now smoke in all areas even in smoke free bars, restaurants and airports.
1. There are some studies that have shown that the flavored vaporized smoke in electronic cigarettes may cause poisoning when inhaled too much.
2. More expensive.
3. It would take a longer period of time to smoke just one cartridge than a traditional stick of cigarette.
With all these advantages and disadvantages being said, it can be clearly seen that it is no doubt that most people love using it nowadays because it has more pros than cons.

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