Are electronic cigarettes safe?

Millions of smokers in different parts of the globe view electronic cigarettes (also called e-cigarettes) as a method to enjoy smoking without the health risks. Users around the world often turn to e-cigs to reduce their addiction to nicotine. This is because electronic cigarettes are believed to contain less nicotine, which makes them less dangerous than conventional cigarettes which are packed with numerous cancer causing substances and toxic chemicals. But the question remains: Are electronic cigarettes safe? To help you answer that question, this write-up will examine the pros and cons of electronic cigarettes.

The benefits of using electronic cigarettes

Decreased Smoking
Usually, with a conventional cigarette, you will have the craving to smoke the whole cigar stick. But with the e-cig, you swiftly learn to keep your urge to smoke under control, taking a couple of puffs and after that putting the cigar aside for another time. You ultimately wind up smoking less, at times without even knowing it.

E-cigs contain no dangerous substances
A traditional cigarette smoke contains tar, carbon monoxide and dangerous toxins. It contains several different harmful poisons, which are completely absent in an electronic cigarette. When smoking an e-cig, the only thing you inhale is vaporized nicotine. Thus, smoking an e-cig is definitely a healthier smoking alternative.

No passive smoke or environmental tobacco smoke
An e-cig does not produce passive smoke, unlike the traditional cigarettes. Studies have revealed that passive smoke is even a lot more dangerous than smoking itself. Therefore, when you change to e-cigs, there will be no need for you to be anxious about producing these poisonous fumes which makes your friends and members of your family very uncomfortable while you smoke.

No Fires
E-cigs are non-flammable. Thus, you do not have to carry a lighter or matchbox with you when you go out. This is definitely a great convenience. In addition, because you do not have to light up anything using fire, the risk of causing fire accidents is greatly reduced.

The disadvantages of using e-cigs
Electronic cigarettes have little disadvantages. This is essentially because they virtually eliminate all the harms linked with the conventional cigar smoking and it is difficult to see any disadvantage in using them. However, electronic cigarettes have a couple of use-related disadvantages.

Limited Research
Because electronic cigarettes are relatively new within the market, adequate research has not yet been carried out to identify the side effects of long term electronic cigarette use. Consequently, it is not certain if these tools might bring about horrible side effects later on down the line. Thus, they should be used in moderation.

Because people are free to smoke these electronic cigarettes whenever and wherever they want, some individuals will be tempted to abuse this liberty. Even though you will not get smoky and smelly, it is vital that you check yourself so as not to cause offense to other people while you enjoy your nicotine.

On the whole, the benefits of switching from smoking conventional cigarettes to smoking e-cigs far outweigh all the disadvantages. Thus, one can safely recommend a change for the indulgent smoker. If you would like to try out or purchase a complete starter kit, you may do so by clicking here and choosing from our top picks.

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