E Cigs Do’s and Don’ts

Gone are the days when your sole choice was to pick up a pack of tobacco sticks and puff noxious smoke right from the burning stick. This is old-fashioned. The new way, however, is smoke and odor free. Did we say we're talking about electronic cigarettes? Dubbed as e-cigs, the revolutionized way of enjoying smoke, these technologically enhanced smoke devices are the health-friendly and environment-friendly alternative. However, they're not completely harmless. Use them the wrong way and you end up with a few problems. Here are e cigs do's and don'ts every smoker should know.

E Cig Do's

1. Learn about the e cig. Since manufacturers make e cigs in slightly different fashions, it makes sense to read the instructions before trying your electronic smoke for the first time.

2. Inspect the device. Just like you examine your new phone or gadget right after purchase, you should examine your newly bought electronic cigarette too. See if there is any defect. Try the product if it works according to the directions.

3. Clean it. Since this is a use-again-and-again sort of device, it's recommended that you do maintenance, especially of the atomizer and brass contact. You can use a lint free cloth to wipe surfaces clean. Do this before charging your e cig. Aside from lengthening the life of your electronic smoke, cleaning your electronic cigarette also makes charging more efficient.

4. Remove the atomizer when you're not smoking for some time. Fluid buildup happens when you stop charging your cigarette for a while and you keep the cartridge intact. The buildup of liquid lowers performance of the e-cigar.

E Cig Don'ts

1. Spill water on the electronic cigarette. There's a good chance you'd wet the battery this way. Regular checking allows you to see if there's moisture buildup inside the cigarette. You can do this by removing the atomizer from the battery. Check if the battery terminals or electrodes are moist. If they are, wipe them with a clean lint free cloth.

2. Keep the atomizer and cartridge when you're not smoking. If you're keeping your e-cig in your bag because you aren't smoking for a while, it's recommended to remove the atomizer and cartridge to avoid the liquid from seeping into the battery compartment.

3. Assemble the electronic cigarette when the brass contacts are moist. Again, remember that your device is sensitive to presence of moisture or any liquid. It should not come in contact with any liquid. Never put the atomizer and battery together when you see moisture or liquid contamination on the brass contacts. Instead, wipe these surfaces with clean cloth, and make sure they are dry before assembling the atomizer and battery.

4. Puffing smokes with the LED flashing. Never attempt to smoke or inhale from your e-cigarette when the LED is flashing, a sign that your battery is almost exhausted or you're inhaling smoke too fast. Doing so may lead to cartridge leaks and later to damage to the smoking device.

5. Overcharge e cigarette battery. Never overcharge your batteries if you want them to stay long enough. Stop charging once the battery charging indicator turns green.

E cigs are supposed to be the best alternative for tobacco, but like any other portable device that needs charging, maintenance is a valuable key to keep it working at its best.

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