Electronic Cigarette Sales

Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, e-cigs or vaporizer cigarettes, are battery-operated devices that emit vaporized nicotine which the smoker exhales. The device can also emit a non-nicotine vaporized solution. Manufacturers claim that e-cigarettes are a healthy alternative for smokers of regular tobacco cigarettes which contain more 4,000 different chemicals (the majority of these chemicals are hazardous when they get into the body system).

Why you should switch to electronic cigarettes

1. Healthier

Switching to e cigarettes, is a wise move. Though e-cigs have not yet been proved to be 100% healthy, traditional cigarettes have been found to be hazardous to your health, largely because of the tobacco smoke which the smoker inhales. In fact, there are numerous studies showing how using regular cigarettes may put you at a very high risk of various conditions including stroke, heart attack, throat cancer, lung cancer, pneumonia, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s. The majority of the litany of chemicals in traditional cigarettes are also considered to be carcinogenic, or cancer causing. The nicotine solution in the e-cig doesn’t contain any of these chemicals.

2. Don’t have the distinctive odor

The scent from tobacco smoke usually gets into as well as clings to hair, clothing, your car (just anything it comes into contact with). Apart from the bad odor clinging on things, most people consider tobacco smell rather offensive and often avoid close contact. For smokers, it is a little hard to notice this since they’re immersed in the smoke much of the time. However, the smell is easily noticeable to non-smokers, especially ex-smokers.

One of the reasons why cigarette smoke smells bad is because both tar and other chemicals are burnt, not forgetting the tobacco itself. The properties from these burning substances make them get into or cling to hair, walls, clothing, and furniture and so on.

On the other hand, electronic cigarettes do not have the ominous odor as instead of exhaling smoke, you are exhaling a vapor which evaporates almost immediately. 

Electronic cigarettes for sale

With these benefits of E-cigs, there is no doubt why these types of cigarettes are a buzz. Many people, especially tobacco smokers looking to switch to electronic cigarettes, will often search for the term “e cigs sale”. Here are some e cigarette brands that usually got something on sale every single day that you must have a look at:

V2 cigs sales

V2 Cigs offer a wide variety of e-liquid flavors and cigarette cartridges. They currently have a clearance sale on select e- cigarette merchandise and are offering discounts on your favorite e-cigs and accessories including v2 platinum e-liquid, vv vintage cig white, Vantage vapor charger kit, v2-10 flavor sample and v2 flavor cartridges. Enjoy your e-cig, and now at a reduced price!

Green smoke sales

Green Smoke e cigs come with an innovative design consisting of a flavored cartridge (cartomizer) and a long-lasting battery. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee, free shipping and a lifetime hassle-free warranty. But that’s not all. Green smoke offers their customers discounts and coupon codes to help them save and enjoy their e-cigs. Some of the offers include 10% off Sitwide, 10% off the purchase and shipping, 10% of $100+, 10% off and free shipping and 10% off entire order. With such deals, there’s no reason not to enjoy smoking your favorite green smoke electronic cigarette.

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