All About Fake Cigarettes

Quitting smoking is a really hard thing to do. People who have tried to suddenly stop smoking experience a phase called "nicotine withdrawal". Nicotine withdrawal causes anxiety, restlessness, depression, headache, difficulty in concentration and increase in appetite. People can experience one or more negative effects of nicotine withdrawal and it may harm their health just as much when they are still smoking. Quitting smoking will be useless if people continue to experience his phase. That is why, fake cigarettes are invented to help people overcome the negative effect of nicotine withdrawal and help people live a better life by fully quitting smoking. What are fake cigarettes? How does it work?

Fake Cigarettes is also known as "E-Cigarettes"
E-cigarette is an electronic device that resembles the shape of a cigarette or a tobacco that can be used by smokers. It tastes like a regular cigarette but without the nicotine which is helpful for people who are in the stage of quitting. Just like an electronic device, the fake cigarette needs power to make it work. Power source can be from disposable batteries or can be charged directly to an outlet or can be charged using a USB cable.

How Does it Work?
Fake cigarettes are simply an electronic device used in smoking. To make an e-cigarette work, a power source (in this case, a battery that) is needed since this is an electronic device. A full powered e-cigarette is useless without the vapor. The vapor acts as the "nicotine" of a regular cigarette. The vapor is composed of vegetable glycerin solution together with artificial flavorings (strawberry, chocolate, mint) found in candies and other snack foods.

Where to Buy Fake Cigarettes?
There are plenty of places to buy fake cigarettes. If you are a starter and looking for an e-cigarette store online, stores like V2 Cigs and South Beach Smoke are the best for you. Unlike regular cigarettes where you can just buy a pack and you are good to go, e-cigarettes are bought in sets called "kits". A starter kit is composed of a heater/atomizer (the fake cigarette), a vapor (the flavor), a battery and a charger. V2cigs offer the cheapest starter kit which will only costs you around $25-$30. If you going to use e-cigarettes for a long time, offers a starter kit with more items included in the kit. Buying flavors do not need to be the same; you can buy separate e-liquids (vapor) with different flavors. This is recommended if you are exploring which flavor is the best for you.

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